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1922 - Our first factory
1922   LOVATO Electric was set up in Bergamo to manufacture air-break
and oil-break switches.
1948   Transitioned production from switches to bus-bar or terminal board contactors.
1960   Started production of one-piece contactors that were to gradually replace
the bus-bar or terminal board versions.
1963   New factory (now central headquarters) in Gorle (BERGAMO) covering 14,000 m².
1975   Added electronic product lines to the "historical" production of electromechanical components.
1979   Opened the first foreign LOVATO Electric factory.
1989   Opened LOVATO Electric in Germany.
1991   Opened LOVATO Electric in United Kingdom and Czech Republic.
1992   Achieved Quality System certification in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.
1999   Launched the SM series,motor protection circuit breakers with thermal and magnetic
trip releases.
2000   Opened LOVATO Electric in Spain.
Purchased the limit switches division business from Reiter S.r.l. company.
2001   Opened LOVATO Electric in USA.
Achieved ACAE/LOVAG certification, per European EN 45001 standards, for our test laboratory.
2002   Obtained the Environment Management System certification according to ISO 14001
standard requirements and inaugurated of the new R&D facility (3,500 m²).
2003   Launched the K series position and safety limit switches.
2004   Launched the Modulo system of modular components for installation.
2005   Opened LOVATO Electric in Poland.
2006   Launched the Orange system of motor starting and power applications.
2007   Opened LOVATO Electric in Canada.
2009   Launched GA series 16A to 125A switch disconnectors.
2010   Launched DMG series, multimeters and power analyzers.
Started the factory expansion work in Gorle (BG).
2011   Opened LOVATO Electric in UAE.
2012   Launched Platinum series of 22 Ømm pushbuttons and selectors.
Opened LOVATO Electric in Turkey.
2014   Opened LOVATO Electric China and Romania.
Achieved OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System).
2015   Opened LOVATO Electric France and Russia.
2019   Acquisition agreement with Koncar NSP signed in Zagreb (Croatia). LOVATO Koncar d.o.o. is the 14th subsidiary of LOVATO Electric.
2020   Opened LOVATO Electric in Switzerland.
Obtained the Energy Management System (EMS) certification to UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2018.



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